Wood Limited specialises in the production and export of both fresh & kiln dried timber for domestic and industrial use. All the timber made available from Wood Limited is certified sustainable from the Ministry of Agriculture - Forest Sector, Latvia.

For centuries, the Latvian peoples have relied upon timber for heat, cooking and energy sources. Deforestation of the Latvian landscape has not only been greatly reduced but has also been made sustainable via years of government training and European educational and incentive programs. During the 1930s forests covered roughly 24% of Latvia's 64000 sqr.km. Now, in this era, that figure has climbed to an impressive 42% of the total land, with 48% of the total forest being classified as Class 3  Exploitable. The replanting scheme totals approximately 965 hectares of tree nurseries / seed orchards. Annual quotas for reforestation are implemented to ensure future sustainability and care for nature.