At present Wood Ltd. is capable to offer you quality Kiln Dried Firewood, and Briquettes.
Our varieties of choice are;

Birch - The traditional hardwood timber commonly chosen by Scandinavian nations as their preferred solid fuel. Birch offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance and provides a hot burn

Ash - Common solid fuel preference for UK and surrounding areas, traditions of "A fire fit for a queen whether dried
or green." are often associated with Ash

Alder - Alder is a high quantity hardwood often substituted for Ash and birch because of its lighter weight for transportation reasons. Alder provides a good burn, its cheaper to purchase and you get more product per container to disperse transport costs

Briquettes - Common alternative to traditional firewood, offering continuity in size and manageability for the end user. Our standard briquettes are offered in a range of lengths and diameters, please call for specifics.

Other - Should you have further enquirers regarding firewood varieties available outside of the above scope, please feel free to contact us; chances are we will be able to facilitate your needs.